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Whole organic black garlic - 60 gr jar

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organic black garlic fleur de sel

finishing salt to add directly to the plate

excellent with grilled meats, BBQ, vegetables, salads, and especially anything you fancy!

ingredients: fleur de sel and organic black garlic

What is it exactly?

Creamy and tasty black garlic, a soft texture reminiscent of candied prune with notes of porcini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, caramel... Accompanies good cheeses and charcuterie, it is also used to make butter, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, sauces … Add to mushroom risotto, mashed potatoes, pasta, pizza…
Umami that's good!


This keeps in the cupboard at room temperature and away from direct light. In sachets; some months. In glass jars; up to two years.

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