Coloured garlic

Garlic music

Music Garlic is the most popular variety in Quebec. It is hardy, produces well and makes beautiful big bulbs.

It is strong and survives the winter well. It is from this variety that we find most of the black garlic produced in Quebec.

Green garlic

Green garlic is a bulb left in the ground one more winter. In the spring, each clove will make a stalk similar to a mini leek, pulled out of the ground in May and eaten like a shallot. It is very pleasant to find the taste of fresh garlic in the spring when our winter supply of garlic is nearing its end or has long since run out.

White garlic

White garlic, also known as autumn or winter garlic, is the conventional garlic that we know best. It is an excellent condiment, useful for improving our health as well as for giving taste to our dishes!

Pink/purple garlic

This includes hard and softnecked varieties, pink, purple, tiger, etc.

Garlic of different flavours, textures and intensity, depending on the variety.

This product is for amateurs who want to experiment with different types of garlic.

Garlic scapes

The garlic scapes must be cut to allow the plant to concentrate its energy in its bulb.

Garlic scapes are delicious and delicate, they can be eaten in a thousand ways and gives us a fresh green produce from mid-June. 

It is a product that deserves to be known and used in our kitchens – we love it!

garlic varieties 101 course


Softneck – hardneck… what is the difference?

These are the two botanical varieties of garlic. The collar, or neck, refers to the stem that grows upwards from the garlic bulb. Hard necks, or stiff necks, have a stem that starts from the center of the bulb and becomes stiff at maturity. It is this variety that produces the flowering stem called garlic scapes.

The stems of softnecked, or flexible varieties consist of leaves rather than a central stem. Softnecked leaves remain soft and pliable at maturity and sometimes form bulblets on top of the bulb. Theses varieties are also used to make garlic braids.

In general, hardnecks, also known as garlic sticks, have more complex flavours than the softneck varieties, with more subtle flavours.